Funny Shirt Designs

We often match our outfit to the occasion. Cocktail dress for a formal gathering, smart casual for a business meeting. But when we’re out with old friends from highschool, we try to be as simple and plain as we used to be. It gets a little boring sometimes, and it makes the mini-reunion less important if the guests are not in their best dresses. So how do we solve this problem?

Try to set a theme for your reunion. Whether it’s a family event or just between friends, make the occasion a little bit special by asking several family members and friends what would be the best theme for your upcoming reunion.

For family reunions, try to set the date of the event on the birthday of the family’s patriarch (or whoever is the eldest living family member). Create a custom t shirt that says “Happy Birthday (name of the celebrant)!!!” Birthday celebration is a great theme for family reunions. It makes the occasion equally special for the celebrant and the rest of the guests.

For your friends, you can do the same birthday theme also and surprise the celebrant by wearing custom t shirts with your birthday greetings written on it. If there’s no celebrant within the group, how about wearing your personalities instead?

Certified prank. Freakdom connoisseur. Rebellious. Used To Be Genius. Love boys. These are some funny shirt designs you can use for your custom shirts. Funny words that describes your character and personalities; the one funny thing that your friends know about you. Don’t get too serious though. The goal of the event is to show everybody the funny side of you and you can do it by creating your own set of funny t-shirts at Shirtmagic.

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